Our South African Wineries


Van Loveren Winery LogoVan Loveren

“Established in 1937, our wines embody everything that is uniquely and proudly South African. Van Loveren has a reputation as a producer of wines of consistent quality and good value. Our products are generous, full of flavour, fun, and consistent. Most importantly it is made to be enjoyed.”


Goiya Wine LogoNamaqua Wines – Gôiya

“Namaqua Wines has a history of making magic that stretches all the way back to 1947. Like good wine, the winery has only gotten better with age – today we are one of South Africa’s largest wineries and in 1992 we started exporting our wines so that wine-lovers all over the world could also experience Namaqua’s enchantment.”


African Terroir / Tribal Wine LogoAfrican Terroir & Sonop Wine Farm

“In 1991, the Swiss winery owner Jacques Germanier bought Sonop, a 130 ha wine farm. With more than 20 years of experience in the wine industry, Jacques Germanier managed to lead his businesses known as African Terroir and Sonop Wine Farm, on an international level, exporting in 2007 to more than 20 different countries. It is now a leading organic and fairtrade farm in South Africa”.


Jonkheer Winery LogoJonkheer Winery

“Jonkheer private cellar is owned by the Jonkheer family, and consists of three farms, a wine cellar, as well as a firm specializing in the distribution of quality wines. The farms are situated on the banks of the beautiful Breede River in the Robertson Valley. This valley, with its exceptional terrior, today produces wines of unsurpassed excellence.”